Omni White Soap

free dating apps free Omin White Soap is a new innovation that comes from the name of the products itself. Omni is a Latin prefix meaning “All”. Our product is a combination of highly effective skin whitening actives which are Oxidized Glutathione, Licorice and Alpha-Arbutin. 

It has ten more natural fruit extracts combined with Vitamin E which makes Omni White Soap give a higher antioxidant effect resulting to a brighter and youthful skin. Description

Oxidized Glutathione It is stable in water, cream, lotion and other aqueous solutions thus it can be easily absorbed and applied directly on the skin during bath. : 
It is stable in water,cream,lotion and other aqueous solutions thus. It can be easily absorbed and applied directly on the skin during bath. 
– It helps lighten skin 
– It helps reduce the effects of aging 
– It helps maintain healthy, smooth and glowing skin 

– It helps aid for a faster skin cell regeneration 
– It helps lighten skin discoloration 
– It helps even out skin tone 
– It helps enhance the reproductive ability of skin cells following ultraviolet light damage 

Alpha Arbutin: 
– It helps promote skin lightening 
– It helps even out skin tone on all skin types 
– It helps block the formation of melanin in the skin 

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