Omni White Pinkish Cream

navigate to these guys Omni White Pinkish Cream is the new cosmetic innovation of JC Premiere which could be used as make-up base. It is highly-concentrated anti-ageing solution that brings back your pinkish youthful glow. Aside from its anti-ageing benefit, it contains actives which whiten and brighten the skin. It has no water content that makes the product at its purest form which gives prolong usage. While these actives are taking action, the Omni White Pinkish Cream enhances the appearance of the skin leaving it with a matte finish look. It creates a powder finish cover which makes the skin seem oil-free, smooth, pinkish and flawless. 


– It helps as anti-ageing skin care product 
– It helps whiten the skin 
– It helps brighten the skin 
– It helps smoothen the skin 
– It helps minimize the appearance of liver spots 
– It helps reduce the degree of skin tanning after UV exposure 
– It helps create a matte finish look/powder finish look Compatible for all skin types 

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